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Health is about getting younger and younger everyday !

Here at ASENTAR, we take pride in our ability to create high-quality products. Not only are our products clinically proven with human clinical studies, but they’re also GMO-free, Heavy Metal Safe, and made from 100% natural ingredients! Even your kids will love it!

So, How Does ASENTAR Work?

First off, try imagining that our bodies are apple trees. When bad apples start to form, it only makes sense for us to get medical diagnoses. While it does prevent the apples from going bad for a while, there’s always a chance that other apples will go bad, which leads us to the question. Why are doctors focusing on curing the apples instead of the tree itself? 

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Now that we know the root (pun intended) of the problem, let’s have a brief look at what goes on inside the human body. First, we have cells that group together to form tissues, which in turn form organs. Arrange those organs together and systems (e.g., immune, respiratory) start to form, thus completing the innards of our bodies.

Now that that’s been made clear, tell us. When a doctor is diagnosing you, which should they focus on more? Your body? Or your cells? If you’ve kept up, it’s clear that cells are what’s more important here.

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After learning all that, here comes the burning question. How exactly does ASENTAR Blossom help us? What do the ingredients like Haematococcus Pluvialis and Chlorella Sorokiniana even do? Will they really help our bodies undergo the 4R (Remove, Re-Strengthen, Repair, and Re-Defend) processes?

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Strengthens your immune system’s response while boosting your immunity.

Balances nutrition for optimum health. 

Detoxifies heavy metals in the body.

Detoxifies radiation and chemotherapy. 

Increases your stamina and energy in general.

Promotes red blood cell growth.

Increases white blood cell count. 

Promotes body cleansing, detoxing, and weight loss. 

Protects you against aging health disparities. 

Effectively balances your hormones.

Helps with tissue growth and repairs. 

Lowers blood sugar and cholesterol levels. Improves digestion.


Clinically proven with human clinical studies. 

Classified as a health supplement by Health Science authorities. 

A GMP (good manufacturing practice) certified product.

GMO (genetically modified organisms) free and 100% natural.

Heavy Metal Safe.

Suitable for vegetarians. 

Easily consumed by children. 

Halal certified. 

Made in Singapore.

The healthier choice in general as stated by the Singapore Health Standard.

Loved by customers in 15 countries!

At ASENTAR cell food, we provide the goods, and cells create the miracles!


Delivered to your door, anywhere Globally

There’s no need for any more agonizing waits in pharmacy checkout lines! Get your ASENTAR products delivered straight to your doorstep within three business days!*

*Three business days only applies if it’s delivered within Singapore. 




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All the prices above are in Singapore Dollars.


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